Imagine what we could achieve collectively if we live with Intention personally.

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IntentionBand is a simple practice: write down your daily intentions and wear your ring as a constant reminder.

In your daily intention setting practice, ask yourself these three simple questions:

Question 1

What do I need to do? We all have “to-do” lists. This is your opportunity to write it down as you plan your day.

Question 2

What do I want to do? Consider your dreams and goals (even the seemingly unattainable bucket-list items). Identify specific actions you could take today that are in-line with them.

Question 3

Who do I want to be? This one is the true secret. Anticipate what might be coming and choose an attitude you want to stay aligned to throughout the day.

It’s easy to have good intentions — whether personal or professional — only to get distracted or discouraged and lose sight of them.

"My IntentionBand reminds me to make time for those who matter most"

“My IntentionBand reminds me to ask myself what matters, and to pursue it”

“My IntentionBand reminds me to stay in touch with who I want to be”