Sharing Pack (2 Rings)
Sharing Pack (2 Rings)
Sharing Pack (2 Rings)
Sharing Pack (2 Rings)

Sharing Pack (2 Rings)

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IntentionBand is a simple, wearable way of focusing on what matters to you.

It can help you snap out of old patterns or short-term thinking, and instead start steering towards your life vision and guiding principles — what you want to do, and who you want to be.

IntentionBand is about transforming your empty resolutions or half-formed intuitions into meaningful intentions.

The card outlines a daily routine of asking yourself, "what do I need to do? what do I want to do? and who do I want to be?" 

Your ring simply acts as a constant reminder. 

Buy an IntentionBand for yourself and give the other as a gift to a friend or family member.  


Here are some sizing tips for our flexible, non-allergenic silicon bands:

Small (17 mm) (size 7) = Kids, women's regular ring finger, and medium men's pinky finger.

Medium (18.5 mm) (size 9) = Men's regular ring finger and women's large ring finger.

Large (22 mm) (size 11) = Men's large ring finger.

*The examples above are approximations. You can wear your IntentionBand on whatever finger that fits.